At Plant it Further we have two missions:

1. to advocate for and raise native pollinator awareness through education.

2. to help facilitate native pollinator specific garden growing.

By choosing the right plants for the land we live on, we can take our Earth care practices a bit further.

Connecting us to a larger web of life and truly supporting the ecosystem we are a part of. 

Our pollinators and the plants they need for their survival are necessary for our continued life on this planet. Their existence ensures we as humans can keep the vibrant selection of food we rely on. Native bees provide the pollination necessary for about 80% of the world’s flower production; food comes from flowers on a plant. Since native pollinators are doing so much work for us it’s time for them to get the spotlight! We plant native plants to support native pollinators. 

When we share seeds we are not only sharing the ability to grow a food or pollinator garden, we foster relationships between individuals and truly start to grow connectivity for ourselves and our pollinators. We begin to regrow our communities. 

It doesn’t matter where you are on your journey in practicing proper Earth care, there is always opportunity to learn and grow. 

Join us, share seeds and grow love as we we plant it further!


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Share seeds, grow love!


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