These are all seed companies that we as home gardeners have used with happy results over the last 15+ years. 

Fruition Seed Company is one of my favorite seed companies for a lot of reasons, one of them is silly, I LOVE the name, but really I just like the heirloom varieties, the germination rate, the company ethics/community values and the fact that they provide so much FREE information on how to grow their seeds! If you are in the upstate NY area you can visit the farm and save shipping cost on your seeds and starts 😉

Neil Diboll is the President of this company and he is really just a wonderful man. I ordered from them recently by accident looking for another similar(also great) company. Neil took the time twice to have a very lengthy conversation with me and shared beautiful stories about an inspiring woman Lorrie Otto. They are a company that is very involved in the community around them!

Great source for Native Seeds

I have not actually tried this company before but they have a great selection!

Native Seeds, plants, plugs, shrubs. Great quality!

This is a newer amazing seed company that preserves heirloom seeds and is doing really cool things!

Just LOVE!! I get Sweet potato slips here! We have used a variety of seeds of their seeds and they are always very helpful when you have questions!

I have to admit I have ordered these seeds just for the art on the packet 😉 but the quality is fantastic too.

Local to Asheville, an amazing source for heirloom open pollinated great quality seed. Go visit the farm if you are in their area!

Have not used them but have talked to them! Will definitely be ordering trees from them for the farm!! Great source for trees and shrubs.

Seed Savers Exchange has so many programs and educational opportunities. Check them out!

Great source for native pollinator specific plants and shrubs.

I have not tried or ordered from this company but I love what they are doing.

Local to Pittsburgh source for open pollinated ecoregion specific native seed mix. Project supported by Ernst Conservation Seed. Also marvelous trails open to the public, family fun structures on the property, there is an Outdoor preschool on the property and they have provided native habitat community outreach for many years. 

***There are so many other companies out there! We will eventually make a list of all the future seed order companies! 

Share seeds, grow love!


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