Any book you can read or listen to by Doug Tallamy is a great thing. Bringing Nature Home, The Nature of Oaks, Nature’s Best Hope. Find one of the fantastic webinars he has given in the past few years. Here are a few links to follow for some information about the amazing Doug #homegrownnationalpark Tallamy.

Another amazing human! Anything you read by this author is worth the time spent! Many of her words have warmed my soul and helped me feel connected to other Earth Keepers.

I purchased this book for the Robin Wall Kimmerer essay but every single essay in this book is wonderful!

Here is the RWK essay on Pines 

A fun video (not short but amazing)

Another author whose views and narratives helped me form my personal sustainable food system views. Barbara Kingsolver mixes storytelling with scientific fact in a beautiful way and I love to read her writing. This one I will admit to reading more than once 😉

I LOVE this one too. More of a story than a reference book.

Lee Reich is someone I first discovered when we were adding fruit to our property. Shortly after, the garden Guru Julia sent me A Northeast Gardeners Year by Lee Reich. That there is big magic at work (great book Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert if you need a non resource great read;) our goal at the new property is a Lee Reich style learning “farmden” surrounded by pollinator sanctuary.

On pollinators… There are so many places to get information. Heather Holm is my favorite reliable source. The Xerces society is a reliable source.

If you are looking for small micro grants check here

Suzanne Simard gave a Ted Talk years ago that totally change my relationship with the forest. Basically because she confirmed what I had felt in my bones my whole life. The trees are so alive, they are not only connected in an underground web of life but they actively support each other by sending nourishment and support to the other trees in their community. I have not read Finding the Mother Tree yet but it is on the top of my book list for this year. 

Wild Ones is a national nonprofit started in the 1970’s that promotes the restoration/preservation of natural landscapes and native habitats. Doug Tallamy is an honorary lifetime director of the organization. Check out this link for information on how to become a member, find your local chapter or start a seedling yourself!

Great resource!

Louise Riotte…she is my absolute favorite. There is not a ton of information out there on her but her books are fabulous!!! Carrots Love Tomatoes is my constant companion (haha) it may be in my opinion the best book on companion plants! I also use Rose Love Garlic regularly and Sleeping with a Sunflower is another I have read many times. I recently added Astrological Gardening to my library. I committed to planting by the moon two seasons ago and I really love the practice!

 If you get the chance read Elizabeth Gilberts Big Love

Movies to watch!!

Biggest Little Farm and the 2nd one 

Kiss the Ground 

SO many others but these are beyond uplifting. 

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